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Hey, I'm your Business Alignment Coach

Discover techniques & strategies for expanding your mindset, getting clarity, aligning and monetizing your purposeful business.
Let's Go!



I teach coaches and entrepreneurs to get clear, to align and monetize their purposeful business

  • I know you’re dying to make an  IMPACT but you’re lacking clarity in your direction because you’re just not sure what your purpose is.

  • I know you want your business to reach many, but you feel unprepared, or you constantly feel overwhelmed.

  • I know you need clarity on your message, who your audience is, how to market your biz because whatever you’re doing right now isn’t working, as well as it could.

  • I know you want freedom in your business, not laboring away countless hours trying to guess what direction to go in your business.

  • I know that you’re ready to make a serious jump in your income because you know you’ve got it in you but you’re lacking self-assurance to charge what you’re worth.

  • I know you have many ideas but don’t know which to act on to attract dream clients to your business (the wrong ones AREN’T ready to invest)!

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About Dr. Lynda Barnes

I’m a Business Alignment, Growth and Marketing Coach. I help women entrepreneurs and coaches, who struggle with clarity, to get clear, to align & monetize their purposeful business.

I’ve also worked with businesses in getting them clear on their vision and message, also making sure they have everything in place to have and maintain stability in their business for the past 7 years. I’ve also worked with women and have specialized with children who suffered from sexual abuse and domestic violence to help them overcome their tragic experience. Being Christ-Centered has allowed me to serve from a place of love and full-filling my God-given purpose from personal knowledge and experience. Now I’m focusing on, where I continue to teach women entrepreneurs and business owners to get clarity & alignment so their not making costly mistakes, and helping them monetize their business, taking their biz to the next level.


Reva C., Entrepreneur: Various Streams of Income

I have learned so much! “I have worked with many people, but I was never able to achieve the kind of results I have with you. I was able to get clear on my vision, I created & launched my jewelry accessary line, adding additional income to my salon. Thank you!”

Tashima B., Life Coach

“You are great and I recommend you to everyone looking for someone who helps others discover their potential! I was able to increase profits within 60 days of implementing the mindset, clarity techniques and marketing plan that Dr. Barnes tought me to complete.”

Omusi R., Community Mental Health Practitioner, Bridges Community Mental Health

I finally left my day job! “Working with you has been a pleasure! Since I started working with you I doubled my clients and am on target to double my income this year!”

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