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How to Find and Work With Fulfillment Companies

If you’re an entrepreneur, or if you run a start-up, and you make money by selling a product, or fulfillment of your journey, then the key part of your business should be developing a great product that people want and that provides true value. However, this isn’t the whole story. And just as important if you want to be successful in your marketing, your packaging, and ultimately your delivery.

That last bit – the delivery – is the last part of your service and is equally as important as the rest. In order to ensure that your customers are 100% happy after doing business with you. You need to ensure that their item arrives on time, and in great condition.Work With Fulfillment Companies

This is called ‘order fulfillment’ and often it’s handled by logistics companies. Here we will look at what your options are and how to make sure that this goes smoothly.

Other Options

Before we get started, there are two ways you can skip the need to find a fulfillment company altogether. One, of course, is to handle the delivery of your product yourself. Though this takes a lot of time and effort when the orders get large (and can actually cost more too as you don’t get the same discounts that fulfillment companies do), and the other is not to sell directly to your customers. If you sell your products to stores and resellers. Then it will be their job to both store your products and to send them on to customers. Note though of course that you will have to find some way of getting your product to them – which can be simple or be challenging depending on the nature of your business.

How to Find a Good Fulfillment Company

Otherwise, it’s down to you to find a company that can handle this aspect for you. FedEx, of course, is a well-known example of a company that can handle fulfillment, but there are many more.

When choosing between these, you should look for reviews to find out how reliable and effective their logistics is. Don’t be too put off by a few cases of items going missing – that’s inevitable when a company ships thousands of parcels every day. But instead. Try to get an overall feel for the company’s efficiency and make sure to read up on their policies. Note that a company like FedEx is actually a franchise – experiences can differ greatly from case to case. Many fulfillment companies will provide sample services which allow you to test the service without having to commit to a long-term agreement.

If the company you’re looking at is also going to be storing your products. Then you should look into the security that they provide on-site and at the way, your items will be stored and organized. Some companies will also allow you to do things such as checking inventory levels and sales activities online and allow your customers to track the location of orders. Options like this can greatly help you to provide a good service to your customers. Even to reduce your overheads by paying close attention to your stock and requirements.

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